Monday, November 2, 2009

Samhain, Crèpes, cord magick and perfume

Did you all have a nice holiday? As I said previously, it was quite drizzly here. Of course, the day after and today has been absolutely beautiful!

I wonder if the thinning of the veil causes some sort of imbalance that causes it to be overcast and drizzly. Maybe nature is rebelling on behalf of the forgotten ancestors?

Aaron and I took a trip into the city and went on a food adventure. There is this lovely crèpe shop that I've been wanting to go to for months, so he took me. It is called "Crèpes Parisiennes" and is very reminiscent of small Parisian bistros. I've read a lot of mixed reviews about the place but I can't say we were disappointed. The staff we dealt with were polite and the food was made fairly quickly. I ordered Islandic Salmon Crèpe with Crème fraîche(which is, essentially, not quite so sour, sour cream) and he ordered a the Breakfast Crèpe with bèchamel. Both were absolutely amazing. The crèpes were light and fluffy and the interior was well done. Nothing was soggy or overbearing. Came with a nice fresh greens side salad and vinaigrette. The absolute best part was dessert though. We had bananas and brown sugar with whipped cream and walnuts. I was really in the mood for something Autumn-ish and those flavors very much delivered. The sauce was warm and runny and we left incredibly stuffed. After that we went for a bubble tea and headed home. If you ever happen in the Pittsburgh area, I highly suggest the crèpe shop. I for one will be going back soon(I hope).

We are biig foodies, incase you didn't realize that yet. Part of the reason I love my job so much is because we travel a lot and get to try a lot of new and interesting places. I feel like food is a language we all speak and it's a way that we can come together and share in a familiar environment. I'm blesssed to have a life where I don't struggle just to have a bite of food. It's my biggest earthly indulgance.

But back to Samhain! We spent the rest of the day playing a new video game(I know, very spiritual there). During the evening we went outside for a while and walked around, enjoying the cool air, the smell of the bonfire nearby and the energy of the evening. I spoke with my Poppy(grandpa) who passed on many years ago. I still feel that he is with me, guiding and guarding me. I never really got to know him and that is something that will always sadden me. He was a strong and good man. After we came back inside we putzed around until around 11. At that point I felt compelled to do a spell, which I would like to share with you:

Banishing Negativity:

Take three pieces of black cord. Avoid using store bought ribbon as it contains a plastic substance that won't allow it to burn properly. Pieces of cotton fabric or embroidery thread work really well.

(It is important to remember that not all "bad" things in our lives are truly bad for us. Sometimes our lessons are harsh and painful because it is how we best learn. So if you find that negative force is still in your life, ask yourself why. It may be a problem you have to face head on, or it may not be a negative thing at all.)

Tie the pieces together and make a simple braid. As you are braiding, think about all the negative things in your life you would like to remove. With each twist of the cord, see these things entering the cord. Your sadness, your fear, bitterness. This cord represents your desire for change and improvement in your life.

When you are finished, tie the cord off.

Now get a fire going, whatever size you are able to work with. You want to make sure that it is a contained fire and not a candle as you are now going to burn this cord. As you drop the cord into the flames, ponder why these things were brought into your life. It is important to understand the negative aspects of our lives, without understanding we can not find real peace with them. Watch as the cord is burned away and feel the weight of these burdens leave you.

At this point you can stay and talk with the fire for as long as you'd like. Remember to thank the Fire spirits for their help. I tend to offer wine to the spirits as a further thank you.


It is a New Year, I hope to find strength, patience and understanding.

What did all of you do for the holiday? Did you go trick-or-treating? Halloween party? Coven ritual? Please share your experiences with us.

And on a final note(because none of my posts seem complete without it!) head over to Mrs. B's for a chance to win a beautiful handmade perfume. I am very sensitive to alcohol based perfumes and these appear to have jojoba as the base, eliminating that light headedness that alcohol brings.

Perfume here! - My favorite is Terrestre Solid and I'm adding it to my holiday list(Thank you B for giving me so many things to add to said list!)

Nekocon is only a few days away! I still have a TON to get done, so back to work for me!


kim said...

You'll like this blog. She's a witchy one too!

Rue said...

That crepe place sounds amazing! Glad you had a nice Samhain. Best of luck at Nekocon!


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