Saturday, October 31, 2009

Blessed Samhain!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful and *safe* holiday! It is drizzly here(as to be expected, I don't recall a Samhain without rain). I'm not sure what is on our agenda for today(though Bubbletea is on my to do list) but I'm hoping to get in some meditation and candle magick. *crosses fingers*

Two amazing give-aways at Mrs. B's that I must share! The first is "Creepy Crochet" and the second is a lovely tote bag made from organics. Very much want both*crosses fingers* go check them out for a chance to win!:

Creepy Crochet
Sal Tote


Rue said...

Have a wonderful Samhain - stay dry! Looks like rain here too - hope it will hold off for the kiddies!


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