Sunday, October 25, 2009

Getting an artist the recognition she deserves

A friend of mine made the following post on her journal and I wanted to spread the word:

"Hey guys. I'm going to ask for a quick favor -- if you haven't already seen this elsewhere.

My aunt, Margaret, is an artist living in Brooklyn. She does incredible, haunting, sometimes extremely weird art. One of her pieces was featured in a recent art competition at the Smithsonian, but it only placed 4th (losing to decent pieces that had nothing on it at all). So what we're trying to do now is get her some recognition and get her the Peoples' Choice award. Any vote is lovely and appreciated because this woman has done this work for a while and has never gotten the recognition she deserves.

Thank you so much!"

I found the piece to remind me of a "Woman in White". Too often we see talented artists that get over looked for one reason or another.

Please have a look at the piece, if you feel she deserves it, it would be greatly appreciated if you voted for her! I'll be passing this on to as many as I can. Even if she doesn't win, she'll at least have her art spread just a little farther.

Thanks everyone!


kim said...

You're right. The winners were just so-so. I'm really surprised. I voted!


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