Saturday, October 17, 2009

Moving update, Manifested Dreams contemplations, and Give-aways

We have officially moved out of the other place. It was sort of bittersweet. We have a lot of happy memories that were made there and even though this current apartment has the exact same layout, it's still not quite the same. The only consolation/really annoying part is that Aaron and I will be moving into our own place at the end of February. We decided that we'll just sort things while we straighten up and then box away most of our things. No art on the walls or anything. It's going to be weird, but I don't really want to fully move in here just to leave so soon. It'll make moving that much easier a little later down the road!

So I'm looking for some feedback from you, my lovely readers. I've considered doing lip balms in the past but for one reason or another, I never got around to it. I'm currently looking into ways to generate funds for a couple projects in the near future(more on that in a moment) and thought it might be a good idea.

I'd appreciate if you could answer the following questions for me:
  1. How likely are you to purchase home-made lip balms?
  2. What sort of flavors do you go with most often?
  3. What is your dream flavor?
  4. Do you prefer colored or uncolored balms?
  5. Would you be willing to act as a tester for the product and supply feedback on quality, consistency and other such things? All testers would receive said balm free of charge.

IF I go through with this, I will be using a pre-made Vegan base by Majestic Mountain Sage for now, mainly because I have limited space to work with.

Now for the project in question. My may-as-well-be-blood sister is hoping to have her novel finished relatively soon. It is a modern fantasy(is that a good way to put it Kyira?) following a group of teenagers who are discovering their destinies amidst a world on the brink of chaos. Magick runs heavily through the whole thing and I can NOT wait for it to be ready.

Due to the nature of the book(and her desire to have full control) she has made the decision to self publish. I'm not sure if many of you know a lot about self publishing, but it is not an easy path. It requires a lot of up front funding and an insane level of advertising. I'm hoping to help out where-ever I can to see this happen

We're plotting several different methods to generate funds, the lip balm is one of them. There is another project we are currently flushing out that, in time, we hope to have it evolve into a source of interactive advertisement for other artists trying to get started(we never think small!)

More on both as information floods in.

And on a final note, Today's giveaways!:

Salem, Mass. Goodie Bag!

Handmade Runes - A rainbow of color!



Anonymous said...
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mrsb said...

I moved 500 miles away from my home state about 10 years ago. I hope to never, ever have to move again, lol! Such a pain!

On the lip balm front:
I purchase lip balms that are homemade every few months. I find them to generally be less expensive, last longer, and be made more naturally than store bought.

As for flavors/colors, I usually go for clear (maybe with a bit of tint) in fruity flavors like pomegranate, cherry or citrusy.
My dream flavor right now, because I'm so feeling fallish, lol would be something with ginger and maybe a bit of clove or cinnamon.

I would totally sign up to be a tester! And I have a built in second opinion with my daughter, lol!

And if your friend ever wants to do a review/giveaway or whatever once she's all published, I'd be thrilled to do so on my blog and help generate a bit of "buzz" as they call it :O)

kim said...

Clear! But flavors are good. Especially unusual ones.

But herbal ones with intent would be cool, too.



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