Friday, October 9, 2009

Moving update and B's Giveaway

Well moving is going along slow but steady. Aaron(the squish) and I have almost all of our bedroom over there now. We were moving our large bookcase until around 10:30/11 pm. All that is left is our desks, dresser, bed and the things spread out on the floor.

Our goal is to be in by the end of tomorrow, strongly dependent on whether we have internet at the new place or not.

In other news, there was a flock of turkey in my front yard yesterday. I took some pictures and a video, which I will share when I have the chance.


I have a new design set for BoH and am currently working on the first one. Expect to see pictures(and information about a give-away) in the near future!

Speaking of Boh, Have you went over to the FB club? If not, you totally should :D There is a question up and I'd love to get feedback from as many as I can!

"Bloop On Head Club and Gallery"

And finally, there is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL piece I must have from Mrs B's giveaway today. The colors are right up my alley, go check it out!

Celestial Vial


Walk in the Woods said...

I have turkeys that stroll through my little acre from time to time - often daily in springtime and later in autumn - I love them! :D And thank you so much for your kind words about my Spirit Cord giveaway at Mrs. B's - don't you just love her 31 Days of Halloween!?!

~*~Aria~*~ said...

I really do! You have such beautiful work, many pieces are going on the Yule list :D


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