Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Friday, Holiday Shopping and new designs

Been a while since I wrote in this ~hangs head~ I don't know how regular bloggers do it!

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday officially over, it's time to catch up on orders and get ready for the holiday rush. I'll be putting up some new sales on the website in hopes of enticing shoppers. Currently we have a 15% off your order coupon. Just use: BLACKFRIDAYBLOOP at check out! This coupon will change soon, so keep your eyes open!

Some new items on the horizon are:

~Dolls: Original Designs and some Fanart, custom orders will be available
~Christmas Ornaments, also fabulous for rear view window hangers!
~New Scarf Designs

Trying to not bog myself down too much, since that seems to be my downfall.

I'm really feeling the holiday spirit and hoping to use it to keep myself motivated.

In honor of the holiday season and launching the Christmas Ornaments, I'm considering a small give-away. Would you be personally interested in such a give-away? Feedback appreciated and will dictate the direction I go with this <3

For now, I'll keep this short and head to bed. Early morning! Pics to come soon <3


Shea said...

God, I can't wait for the dolls to start. Sealand was SO CUTE! <3


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